How Can Cocaine Abuse Effect the Body and Mind?

How Can Cocaine Abuse Effect the Body and Mind?

Cocaine abuse is responsible for thousands of deaths every year and although the majority of countries in the world have a strict view of its use and distribution; many drug dealers find ways to sell their goods. Unfortunately with the increase in cocaine use, more and more drug rehab clinics are finding that they are struggling to cope with the sheer volume of people in need of addiction recovery – and this is why many Christian drug rehab centres are opening up to offer help.

After a recent study that questioned over 2,500 recovering addicts, it was revealed that more than 75% of them actually had no idea about the effects of cocaine on their physiological and mental states. Some claimed that the highlight of being under the influence led them to exposing themselves to the narcotic, while others claimed that they had developed habits after repeat use.

Cocaine isn’t often seen as an addictive drug, often being depicted as a type of narcotic that is expensive and used infrequently within modern society. The reality is quite different however, in fact every year thousands of people are admitted to hospitals and drug treatment clinics to help them to overcome their dependencies.

What is Cocaine Made of?

This might surprise you to learn, but the majority of cocaine that is found actually possesses a range of ingredients that can be bought via stores. These ingredients include talcum powder – a substance that is predominantly used on babies. Authorities have also discovered corn starch within cocaine and although both of these products are considered safe for use by people, it’s when they are used as a catalyst within cocaine that the effects can really take a turn for the worse.

Cocaine is actually extracted from cocoa leaves – the same plant that produces coffee beans. You might see a link immediately now, as coffee is considered one of the most addictive substances on the planet. The addictive properties within cocaine take immediate effect once they are able to enter the blood stream, stimulating key receptors within nerve endings and this is why the feeling of euphoria often follows exposure.

How Does this Affect the Body and Mind?

The body is affected first, with nerve endings feeling the pull of stimulus just a few moments after exposure. The numbing effect, when paired with the reactant properties, can create a euphoric feeling; and this is something that many addicts find the most appealing. Once the crystalline formula is able to enter the mind, a range of symptoms can begin to occur, including hallucinations in the most extreme cases and a sense of ease in the least severe.

And this is why so many people fall for its charms. What might seem appealing can actually be life threatening and without the proper care and attention, a huge percentage of addicts will find themselves facing long term illnesses; many of which can be fatal.

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