Liposuction – Controlling Your Weight with Surgery

Controlling Your Weight with Surgery

Over the past few years, most developed countries around the world including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Italy have noticed a steady increase in the weight of their patients, compared to a decade previously. This weight gain will vary from year to year, but the fact is that the problem of weight gain seems to be on an incline. The reasoning behind this fact has been put down to foods that are high in saturated fats, all of which are now much cheaper and widely available around the world, but the consequence is that more and more people of all ages are suffering with obesity as the years progress.

It’s not just diet that is playing a role on rapid weight gain, and in many instances genetics can take its toll too. There are currently over a dozen medical conditions associated with weight gain and in extreme cases, an individual can only be helped by surgery as opposed to eating healthily and exercising. In these instances, one of the most recommended procedures is liposuction as it is fairly easy to perform by a qualified surgeon, not to mention being a relatively instant fix to even the most severe cases.

Liposuction and lipo treatments range in style and process, from typical thigh liposuction, all the way to tummy fat surgery and everything in between. The beauty of this procedure is that it can eliminate all but the most stubborn fatty cells and it’s entirely possible to remove anywhere between 0.5lb and 40lb+ of body fat in a single surgery. That’s what makes fat surgery so popular amongst individuals suffering with excessive weight where a gastric band may not be able to help as quickly as necessary.

As we eat, our bodies try to convert any glucose, fat and carbohydrate in to energy to be burned off throughout the day. There are times however when we consume far more calories than we are able to burn off, and when this occurs it’s very common for our body to begin to store these calories in fatty cells; mostly around our stomachs. As a result, stomach fat removal has become one of the most popular forms of liposuction and even the largest fat deposit can be reduced to a few pounds or less in just a few hours.

The surgery isn’t a cure-all however, and if the patient returns to eating poorly, performing minimal exercise and generally living in an unhealthy way, then their body may begin to accumulate fat all over again. Although liposuction can generally be performed once or twice a year, the truth is that once should be enough and rather than being considered an answer to weight gain, lipo should be reserved for cases where it is entirely necessary to remove weight from the body to allow the individual a chance at a healthy life. For more on cosmetic liposuction in the Newcastle, Sydney and Baulkam Hills district visit

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